Africa: Invest in the Future, Defeat Malaria

24/04/2013- The title  above is the theme for  the 2013 World Malaria  Day which comes up  every 25th April and it  is  being celebrated to  review progress made  and challenges in curving the menace of Malaria globally.

As captured by WHO succinctly the essence of the day “Over the last decade, the world has made major progress in the fight against malaria. Since 2000, malaria mortality rates have fallen by more than 25% and 50 of the 99 countries with ongoing transmission are now on track to meet the 2015 World Health Assembly target of reducing incidence rates by more than 75%. A major scale-up of vector control interventions, together with increased access to diagnostic testing and quality-assured treatment, has been key to this progress.”

The above progress has its challenges as well; “Malaria still kills an estimated 660 000 people worldwide, mainly children under five years of age in sub-Saharan Africa. Every year, more than 200 million cases occur; most of these cases are never tested or registered. A recent plateauing of international funding has slowed down progress, and emerging drug and insecticide resistance threaten to reverse recent gains.” Read More>>>

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